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Empowering YOUth through Entrepreneurship! - “NEETs in Entrepreneurship” project wraps up with final conference

Around 100 stakeholders joined a virtual conference to discover lessons learned and future outlook around solutions to engage young Europeans Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs). Wrapping up the “NEETs in Entrepreneurship” project, funded by the EEA Norway Grants Fund for ...
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Youngster from Suceava county starts agribusiness, a success story for local entrepreneurship

For Irinel, his business idea started while working in his family’s garden, after school. He quickly organized the sale of the vegetables production and put the bases of an irrigation system. Irinel hopes that this summer will bring an even better harvest, for which he is already working to expand…
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Business promoting healthy lifestyle opens through NEETs in Entrepreneurship project

”Vitamin Box” means lovely and healthy gifts. Eugenia’s passion for a balanced lifestyle was also the idea from which this business started, encouraged by the growing demand for quality food.
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Eco-strawberries by a young high school graduate from Vaslui county

Strawberry production was initially just a hobby. However, Valentina wanted to go futher, with a business model that is based on harvesting fruits through ecological methods and also distributing the fruits to a wide range of customers, shops and companies, that opt for ecological an best quality food.
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Youngster from Suceavea county sets good practices for comercializing agricultural production

For Andrei, the business started by using his family’s land, expanding and combining the wheat, corn and sunflower harvest over a year, ending with the sale of these products to the agriculture collection centers.
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Youngster from Vâlcea county finds proper business idea and opens business

The consulting sessions within the project encouraged Ionuț to find a business model that would provide jobs for other young people as well. The car wash service he founded today offers the best quality services to all those who come to Râmnicu Vâlcea.
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Youngster from Vrancea county starts business in his local community

Silviu started thinking about a business as soon as he finished the high school. While participating in business consulting sessions, he found the most suitable business idea for his local environment. As a finalist of the NEETs in Entrepreneurship project, Silviu received all the necessary support for his idea to…
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Agribusiness initiated by young woman from Suceava county

Florentina used the money received in the project to invest in the construction of a solarium, to purchase quality seeds and the necessary equipment for good quality seeldings. We are waiting for this year’s harvest!
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Former participant in JAR programmes from Vaslui county opens business: photo & video services

Sebastian has previously participated in several Junior Achievement programs, but the NEETs in Entrepreneurship project brought him the best result! A business in the field of video-photography for special events, in a region with a high demand for such services, at a new technical and quality standard.
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Business of youngster from Galați county combines passion for photography, writing with marketing services

Romică has always been passionate about photography, that’s the very reason why his business plan combines this passion with marketinh and communication, through the promotional services he offers to his clients.
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Young Romanian creative starts business through NEETs in Entrepreneurship project

Maria started this business as a passion since studying plastic arts at high school and by winning several local, national and international paining competitions.
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From Idea To Enterprise: Marbò Wins “Match The Future” Competition Of Junior Achievement Italy

A fashion line based on the idea of the young designer Marta Bordignon, whose aim is to create unique items with great attention to detail that can be customised according to the client’s wishes.
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International Entrepreneurial Education and Vocational Guidance Programme for young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)

"NEETs in  ENTREPRENEURSHIP" is one of the most appropriate projects carried out by  Junior Achievement in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain for vulnerable NEET  youth, at a time when the economic environment and the labour market are under  huge pressure of transformation and updating, and many SMEs are facing closure …
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From Idea to Business: Growlife Superfood created thanks to the “NEETS in Enterpreneurship” project

Milan, 10 March 2021 - Helping young NEETs to transform their business  ideas into concrete projects: this is one of the objectives of Junior  Achievement Italy’s "NEETs in Entrepreneurship - Match the Future"  initiative. The three-year NEETs in Entrepreneurship project that began in  November 2018 will continue until mid-2021, with…
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Eat Healthy – Eat Tasty! A 20-year-old young NEET woman starts her own business

A business made with passion, which also promotes healthy eating, is  beginning to pay off. Valentina Velicu (20 years old) is among the first NEET  youth to receive support to open a business under the NEETs in Entrepreneurship  project, funded by the EAA and NorwayGrants Fund for Youth Employment in…
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From idea to business: ESTEPS wins “Match the Future” competition

Milan, 18th March 2021 - The NEET tax, an acronym for "Not in Education, Employment or Training", is considered the main measure of how much a community squanders the potential of the new generations and looks to the future with less productive and competitive capacity. The pandemic has further exacerbated…
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Investment in Education has the highest return. The ROI is in the quality of life

Pandemic or not, war or peace, the power has  always in the hands of those that mastered knowledge. Past year the Global Data  Sphere exceeded 50 Zettabytes by most estimates, IDC included (source). This means 50 followed by 21 zeroes of  bytes. As education cannot be provided without…
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NEETs in Entrepreneurship - new learning sessions for career guidance and entrepreneurship

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to continue your professional training?
Do you want to start your own business?
Join JA Romania’s community of young people who, just like you, need more knowledge, practical work tools, a little inspiration and… more courage!
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No longer alone: turning ideas into successful start-ups is already a reality

The health emergency caused by COVID-19 has drawn  attention to flaws in the education system. Limited investments in the  development of digital infrastructures as well as failing to update the most  innovative learning strategies – especially digital ones – have placed Italy in  the lower tiers of the world ranking…
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Knowledge and creativity – Building essential skills for thriving in uncertain times

“NEETs in Entrepreneurship” is nowadays one of the most relevant projects in Romania, as economic and workplace environments are under tremendous pressure of digital transformation, and a good number of SMEs face closure or an urgent need for reorganization.
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Entrepreneurship to reinvent yourself

The situation caused by the coronavirus in Spain has especially affected NEETs, as the sectors in which these young people normally find their first job opportunity have visibly reduced their activity. Junior Achievement Spain has adapted its programmes to the current circumstances and the new needs of the youth in
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All learners need real face time

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched us all, but it has also left us out of touch. This is especially true in the education sector and the recent evolution in the art of teaching and learning. News articles feature the latest learning platforms and tools, but much less attention is given…
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Not in Education, Employment or Training… and locked out of the labour market

The coronavirus outbreak is causing major disruptions for those who are outside mainstream educational programs across Europe. While many have managed to turn to distance learning, those not in education, employment or training (NEETs) are even more excluded from support schemes. It is more important than ever to provide them…
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Changes in education as a result of COVID-19 crisis are here to stay, experts say

As lockdown measures are relaxed and schools reopen across Europe, EURACTIV has interviewed experts on whether the pandemic could have a long-lasting impact on education systems in Europe, and they said changes are here to stay.

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Commissioner Schmit: The future of Europe is not low wages, insecure jobs

The EU is facing the worst recession in history as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. To ensure that the crisis does not turn into a social emergency, the bloc must address issues like job security, minimum wages, or youth opportunities, the Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit,…
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Cross-sector collaboration key to help Spanish NEETs continue learning despite latest coronavirus pandemic

How can we find young people who are currently not in education, employment or training? This is one of the key questions that Manager of Educational Entrepreneurship Programmes - Javier Samarán and his colleagues at JA Spain are facing since the new coronavirus outbreak.
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Junior Achievement Romania goes online to continue working with young NEETs

Like most European countries, Romania has closed its schools as part of the measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19, a situation that will last until the end of April, if not longer. The country is currently facing two options. The first, which many within the education sector hope…
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Junior Achievement Bulgaria's NEETs in Entrepreneurship trainings have started

In February, Junior Achievement (JA) Bulgaria kicked off the first  series of trainings on entrepreneurship for NEETs, in partnership with labour  bureaus in the cities of Sofia and Vratsa. In the latter, 20 young people took  part in a two-day ‘green entrepreneurship’ workshop, focused on career paths  and entrepreneurship ventures…
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Only 5 out of 100 NEETs want to continue their education or find a job

Only 126 (9%) of  the 1,400 youth NEETs (people Not in Education, Employment, or Training) Junior  Achievement Romania contacted since the beginning of this year seem interested  to change their current situation. The share of those who want to cooperate and  fully engage in this process is even smaller: only…
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JA national organizations prepare for a better future young people through the first trainings, using Norwegian FROG method

This autumn (end of October – end of November 2019), JA Bulgaria, JA Italy and JA Romania delivered, at local level (in Milan, Bucharest, Sofia), the first pilot training sessions, as part of the NEETs in Entrepreneurship Project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA and Norway Grants Fund…
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Junior Achievement Romania’s NEETs in Entrepreneurship trainings have started

Earlier this month, Junior Achievement (JA) Romania launched an entrepreneurial hub and kicked off the first series of courses for youth employment in the labor market. 12 young people from Bucharest and Ilfov took part in a one week personal development training session designed to increase their motivation and self-leardeship…
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Train the trainers session in Skien – preparing training program for future NEETs participants in 4 countries

During the first week of September 2019, 7 participants from the beneficiary partners of the Project NEETs in Entrepreneurship (JA Bulgaria, JA Italy, JA Romania, JA Spain), funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants and Norway Grants, took part to the Train the trainers’ session, organized at the…
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NEETs in Entrepreneurship

One of the 26 transnational projects mentioned above is “NEETs in Entrepreneurship”, implemented by Junior Achievement (JA) member organizations in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain, with the support of experts from JA Europe, JA Norge and Lyk-Z & daughters social entrepreneurship company. The project will help 1,600 NEET people aged…
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1,600 young people from 4 European countries will take part in the NEETs in Entrepreneurship project

1,600 young people aged 18-29 who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) will participate in the project between 2018 and 2021.  NEETs will benefit from Junior Achievement's expertise in creating and implementing educational content, while having the opportunity to participate in a blended learning career guidance and entrepreneurship…
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First transnational meeting of the project

The partners of the project NEETs in Entrepreneurship in 6 European countries participated on November 20th, 2018 in Bucharest at the first operational meeting.
The project is implemented between 2018-2021 and aims to prepare 1,600 NEETs from Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain to acquire the skills needed to find…
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The NEETs in Entrepreneurship project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

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